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Meet our founder, the mind behind B Fragranced

Marilyn Jones a Chicago Native, Founder and Owner of B Fragranced LLC created the Brand [ME]™ Late December 2013. Marilyn Jones owns 100% of the company and proud to be WBE certified. Marilyn’s number eleven of twelve children born to a devoted Mother and Father. Unfortunately, her time with her Mother was cut short at the young age of 5 when Marilyn’s mom lost her battle to Breast Cancer.

Marilyn would often times hear family stories by older sibling’s as they shared loving memories of their mom, which at times left Marilyn feeling empty and sad because she too didn’t share those same memories. However, what Marilyn did have that never left her was her mother’s scent. This birthed a passion and a zeal to create Fragrances as unique as the individual who wears it! Marilyn grew up with a love of scents, her love for perfumes and lotions grew strongly in later years. Although Marilyn didn’t share some of the special memories as her siblings such as making that special cake or pie, however, what her mom did leave her with has become just as valuable. “Our New flagship fragrance Embellish doesn’t smell like my Mother once did, but, the blueprint of the business certainly embodies her”.

B Fragranced LLC branded the creative process of making what "you" wear the pinnacle of a two-letter word characterized as ME. Empower who you are, Be Courageous, Be Beautiful more importantly B Fragranced. Leave your Memory Mark.

Our Philosophy

B Fragranced philosophy is simple; we create Quality products at a reasonable price that will enrich your appearance and accentuate your personal scent. B Fragranced has always put an emphasis on finding the perfect scent for the right moment and the right time. We believe each scent should become your own! We have a passion for self-beautification through fragrances, fashion, style and Home accessories. Your scent should be the epitome of who you are, without saying much at all.

You can shop B Fragrance at JC Penney and

B Fragranced. Be You!