Golden Sapphire


This Mesmerizing beauty will light up your room with the pure essences of sweet raspberries, honeydew melon, and...

Endless Ocean


Allow the whiffs of crisp bergamot, fresh ivy and bottomless ocean pinch your desires. To indulge in beautiful...

Clean Jasmine


This comforting yet sophisticated fragrance fills any space with opening notes of white tea which dries down to...

Black Ice


This invigorating Glass Diffuser fills any space with rich, creamy decadent, citrusy lemon crème along with tart red...

Golden Sapphire Reed Diffuser


This Reed Diffuser is nothing short of Amazing!


This Mesmerizing beauty will...

Citrus Sensation


Set the mood, invigorate your senses and infuse your home or office with our Citrus Sensation. This refreshing candle...

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